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Multiple births
wiltipoll have an annual breeding cycle, coming into season late summer, with lambs usually arriving August.
Twins are common, and triplets can occur , with lambing rates at Elmores park usually well over 100%
Maternal instincts
Our ewes make great mothers. We have had no problems with rejected second twins, compared to stories told about other breeds
Being an english breed, there is some hardiness of the hoof and resistance to disease, especially in those with black pigmented hooves, which we are trying to promote.
Self shedding fleece
This is the wiltipoll's main breed characteristic.
All A1 class wiltipolls must be completely self shedding. This generally occurs in late winter, or after lambing.
These animals love to rub their fleece off on fences and posts.
Lambs dont fully shed in their first year .


Poll status
The absence of horns is the other main breed requirement.
Practically this makes them less aggressive and easier to handle.


a reliable meat sheep performer, with cost savings from lack of need for shearing or crutching. The absence of horns means less carcass downgrading at the abbatoir.


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