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2012- hawthorn and blackberries predominated amongst the grasses in the creek bed.

After the creek area was fenced off and weeds managed, the back slope was planted out with spotted gums (a small agroforesty timber project) and strzelecki gums .

Later in 2012 with the donation of trees from Arawata Landcare, indigenous riparian tree mix was planted out along the creek. Plants included hazel pomaderris, blackwoods, prickly moses, manna gum, kangaroo apple etc

2015- trees growing well, sheep have been let back in to control pasture. Long grass was attracting bush rats and european wasps(40+ nests destroyed)

Hawthorns slowly decomposing in foreground.

2016- this photo taken in march after a very dry summer. Trees are almost 4 years old here.

IMG_6565 copy.jpg

2018- a November photo taken after heavy rain, from a similar aspect as 2016's photo

wildlife is returning, mostly birds like yellow robins, scrub wrens and fairy wrens , but also wallabies, wombats, even spotted a crayfish

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