for sale

we have no 2018 rams left
 we do have  3 x 2019 ram lambs which are ready to work - all A1 and  double polled
our 2017 ram from Kalomera in Buln Buln is available for sale as we have replaced him . He is double poll and has been excellent with good temperament.
 no ewes currently available
prime lamb
(after all, that's what the breed is all about)


at some stage in the future , we will be marketing our surplus lamb in small volumes via a local butcher. 

Further details to follow...

alpacas as guards
alpacas are a herd animal, and can be very protective when put with sheep. They will at least show curiosity towards foxes , and can chase single predatory animals out of the paddock , though packs of dogs are too much for them. 
They will be happier if there is at least 2 of them with the sheep
They do require annual shearing in summer which is a specialty job,  and foot care/vaccn/worm control, but are generally a low care animal
we are no longer breeding or selling alpacas

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